About Us

Zombie Coffee Co & Roastery was created out of one’s passion and love towards incredible coffee’s from the most exiting and unique farms situated across the stretch of the coffee belt, from the beautiful countries of Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

Created by Daniel Lomas, a coffee enthusiast who has studied the intriguing world of coffee over years, he has been roasting small batches over the last two years and has been providing people close to him with unique and delicious freshly roasted coffee’s.

Now Daniel has decided to take his roasting experience to a commercial level that he can use as a platform to provide people of the UK with high-grade stunning specialist coffee at an incredible price through his own creation Zombie Coffee Co & Roastery.


Daniel Quotes:

“I have identified many downfalls within establishments that provide coffee based beverages across the UK serving extremely low grade coffee which are sold at premium prices.

I would like to take it upon myself to redefine a person’s perception of the word quality in the form of a truly delicious and aromatic cup of coffee to compliment any meal or social situation.

We live in a society of expensive designer coffees that deliver only a caffeine fix while failing completely on delivering Aroma, Flavour and even Balance, with the result being an inferior yet overpriced cup.

It is my aim to provide our clients and customers with the highest-grade coffee at a truly great price and to open up the British coffee cultures awareness of truly outstanding coffee.”


To us family is incredibly important so we only use coffee when we know that the farmers involved in the maintenance, and coffee production are well looked after and paid appropriately in order so they can build a better quality of life for their families and communities.