Mobile Coffee Shop - Available for hire

Mobile Espresso Bar

Have an event planned? Why not hire our fully functional coffee 3×3 metre gazebo.

Price will include all drinks consumed and a very knowledgeable and friendly Barista.

Price is dependant on length of time and location.


Have an event? Would like to Zazz it up with a wonderful 'Cupping/ Coffee Tasting session.

Coffee Tasting/ Cupping Session

Learn all about the wonderful, varied and complex world of coffee through our tailored coffee tasting session.

Over 90 minutes participants will be walked through tasting a selection of our stunning Grade 1 Coffee’s, you will learn:

How to effectively and properly cup.

What makes each coffee so unique.

What factors determine the taste within the bean itself.

The origin of the coffee and the importance of ‘Altitude’.

Basic principles of creating a great coffee roast batch.



To book any event please message us on our ‘Contact’ page or directly at